Thursday, April 20, 2006

Madden NFL Draft Special

We are rapidly approaching the NFL draft, and I for one am getting really excited. Not so much for how my Bucs will get hooked up in the draft, but more to see how the rookie class will change the face of Madden.

...or not

The consensus from our forum members is that Vernon Davis could well be the biggest impact rookie in Madden next year. His athleticism and speed could create some serious mismatch problems for opposing defenses.

That's really what the game of Madden is all about...finding your opponent's weaknesses and exploiting them. Developing mismatches that work in your favor and then going to that well over and over again.

That is one of the main aims of the Virtual Filmroom for Madden. My mission statement to the writing staff each year is that I want our customers to feel confident that they have a supreme edge every time they get in the game.

I want you to have an evolving bag of tricks that changes from week to week so that during the course of the year nobody can stop you.

We know that our customers love to play Madden. They play it year round, from release date to release date. That's why our Virtual Filmroom coverage never stops. It just rolls over into the next version each year.

With the draft coming up I want to do something special for you guys. You won't have to wait until next year for that next impact rookie to improve your game.

I'm going to give you something that will impact your game of Madden right now.

I've put together a coupon for our Virtual Filmroom. On the order page, you just have to enter a special code in the Coupon blank at the bottom of the order form and I'll knock 20% off the price ($5).

But there is a catch, this coupon will only be good for the next 4 days AND it will only available to the first 64 people to order (the number of players drafted in the 1st 2 rounds of the NFL draft).

To find out more about the Virtual Filmroom, please visit:

When you place your order you will need to use Coupon code: 0413A


rank is dumb said...

I have ordered the film room each year they have had it. Its a great help and keeps your eyes open to new things.. Its a must get for any madden player!!

Anonymous said...

1 would like to order the draft but ,i belong to the filmroom already and theres no place to use the coupon they gave me

Anonymous said...

I am an avid Madden player and I'll be 51 on 5/1. The virtual filmroom as good as it is, has put me in a bad position. I have run off all of my competition. I have 2 sons 24 and 27, between them they have 4 friends and we used to play for hours daily, but one by one they have retired since I purchased the filmroom in January using the same phrase "I can't take getting beat like this anymore." Keep up the good work and thanks!!!