Monday, April 24, 2006

Madden Filmroom Updates

Strong I Flex 3 Play Combo - This week in the filmroom we take a look at a 3 play combo out of the Chiefs playbook that we like to use to pass and run the ball. Each play complements the others which allows us to keep our opponent off balance on defense. The three plays are the Counter Dive, Deep Cross, and FB Dive.

1-5-5 Cover 1 - We haven't broken down any defensive plays from the Nickel 1-5-5 because coming up with a blitz that consistently works from this formation is tough. With random blitz angles, it's makes it virtually impossible to find a blitz that we can honestly say is going to sack the QB.

Singleback Empty 5WR Fl Fly - I apologize to anyone that does not really use the Tennessee Titans playbook but I have been getting requests in the Titans thread for plays out of the 5WR set. We are at that time of the year where things are starting to crawl and many of us are getting anxious for the next game to come in about 12 weeks. This week I take a look at the Singleback Empty 5WR Fl Fly.

Singleback Base Flex WR In - This week in the filmroom we take a look at a play from the Rams playbook that we have had success with beating the blitz when Cover 0 and Bump-n-Run coverage has been called. By using motion, we can get the FL off the line of scrimmage without being jammed.

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