Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Redskins Playbook Released!!

For past 3 months VG Sports Writer, Kobra, has been hiding out in
the lab perfecting his game. This year he has been attracted to
the Redskins playbook and decided to put together his most
comprehensive breakdown to date.

If you are looking for a playbook that you can run different
types of schemes from, then the Redskins playbook is a great
choice. With the ability to run any scheme, you can keep your
opponent off balance.

For instance, if you run the compression offense, there are
several compressed formations within the playbook. These include
the I Form Close, Singleback 4WR Stack, and Singleback Trips

If you want to run a spread offense with no problem you will find
the Singleback 4WR Spread and Singleback Trips WR.

If you want to run a power run game scheme, the Redskins playbook
has got you covered with such power running formations as the I
Form Twin TE, Singleback Big Jumbo Wing, Strong H Twin TE, and
Weak I H Twin TE.

Here are just some of the things you will find in this guide:

Play Breakdowns Galore!!

Kobra breaks down a ton of plays from the Redskins playbooks.
Everything from 2 back sets to Singleback to Shotgun is covered
with insane detail!

Bump-n-Run Beaters

I went crazy in this section of the book on showing all types of
bump-n-run man beaters. You will want to spend a lot of time in
this section. Many different formations are covered in this
section of the book.

Routes Bumped, But Still Bump-n-Run Beaters

Despite this routes being jammed at the line of scrimmage, they
are still good routes to call to beat bump-n-run coverage.

Reading One Side Of The Field

This section will help those who have problems reading the whole
field once the ball is snapped. Instead of reading the whole
field, I show how to read half the field to help make things

Keying on a Defender

Rather reading the defense to see if it’s man or zone coverage, I
show how sometimes I key on a particular defender to decide on
where the ball needs to go.

Snap While the Play Screen is Still Up

A nice little trick to help you read the outside coverage quicker
and faster.

Dealing With 11 Man Coverage

A few tips that I use to deal with my opponent dropping 11 men
into pass coverage.

Formation Shifts

Kobra shows some plays he like to use formation shifts with. In
this section he doesn't go to crazy with it because throughout
the rest of playbook I show a lot of plays that have formation
shifts involved. However, there is still a good amount of plays
you will find here.

Motion Within The Redskins Formations

You can create a lot of unique formations in the Redskins

Vision Cone & the Quick Pass

Believe it or not a lot of players don’t like the vision cone. In
this section of the book, I show how those who don’t like to use
the cone, can use the quick pass to avoid the using the cone.

Angle Fade Route

If you have the filmroom, you know about this route already.
RB Angle and Circle Route. Two of the best pass routes in the
game because of the low risk of the pass being picked off. The
Redskins playbook has plenty of these type of routes. Throw in
the fact they call be pulled, makes them that much more potent.


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