Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Madden Nation Season 2 Podcast (Week 1): DJ Rhude Interview

Madden Nation Season 2 Contestant Discusses His Experiences on the Show.

After every Madden Nation Season 2 airing, the Madden community is ablaze with discussion about the drama that has unfolded each week on the bus. As Season 2 competitors depart, we’ll get the inside story straight from the cast members themselves to hear their take on what happened behind the scenes.

Madden Nation Season 2 Podcast - Week 1

Recently departed Madden Nation Season 2 cast member DJ Rhude took a few minutes to talk with us about his experience on the tour. He discussed his Madden background, meeting Michael Strahan, and what it meant for the Madden community to have one of their own representing hardcore sim-style players on the Madden Nation bus.

To hear DJ Rhude's thoughts while on the bus, click on the link below.


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