Thursday, August 07, 2008

Virtual Playbook for Madden 09

Madden release is only a few days away. Are you taking the day off
work? Planning to call in sick? Or are you one of the lucky few to
already have a copy in your hands? No matter what your plans are
for Madden release day, you will need all the help you can get to
overcome the learning curve that the new game presents.

This is where the team at steps in. We've been
playing the game for a while now and have a great understanding of
what is new and what you need to know to dominate the competition
right out of the gate.

I've watched a ton of Madden sites pop up and then either dry up or
sell out to big gaming publishers. I'm constantly amazed at the
junk I see sold on Ebay that people call Madden strategies. And to
be honest I'm sick of it as it gives sites like mine a bad name.

Fortunately for you, if you are serious about becoming a better
Madden gamer, learning the game inside and out, and getting in on
the cutting edge of the Madden strategy world, then we have the
solution for you.

Beginning today, you can reserve your copy of the Virtual Playbook
for Madden 09 and get the strategies you need to be competitive
from day one! The guide will be out on August 12th, but by
ordering today, you get access to some special bonuses and more
importantly...a VIP discount!

In addition to diagrams of all the plays in the game, you'll
receive strategies like:

==> Using Motion in the Run Game...
==> Developing lethal Auto-Motion play combos...
==> Mastering the Double Move Cutback...
==> Creating Wicked Overload Blitz schemes...
==> Manual Pass Defending/User Picks...
==> Running the Singleback Attack...
==> Defending the Deep Ball...
==> Developing an Unstoppable Red Zone Offense...
==> Utilizing Pass Combos to Shred Coverages...
==> Making Pre-Snap Reads...
==> Killing the Defense with Your Shotgun Attack ...

We cover every single aspect of Madden 09. If fact we pack so many
killer strategies into our guide that we have to break it down into
3 Parts. It literally is the Bible for Madden 09 play.

Playbooks & Rosters

Offensive Strategies

Defensive Strategies

For more information about the Virtual Playbook and how you can get
your discount today, visit:

Best Regards,

Bert Ingley
VG Sports, Inc.

P.S. We also have some great package deals available to you. When
you click to purchase from our secure server, you'll see three
unique upgrade options including our Patriots 09 Guide & Advanced
Tourney Strategy guide. All scheduled for game day release!

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