Monday, August 25, 2008

Is Your Madden 09 Game Evolving?

I look at the Madden season as being comprised of two pretty
distinct stages. First, there is the initial learning phase. This
comes right when the game comes out. Players have to learn the new
features and nuances of the game.

They have to check out what works from last year, and what doesn't.
We often find that players have become dependent on certain
tactics (the strafe catch for example) and struggle at the game.

Gradually the players get past this learning curve, go back to
their fundamental X's and O's and begin to master the game.

Our Virtual Playbook found at:

is geared towards helping experienced players get over this curve
quickly. For new players, it helps them achieve the same solid
base that long time competitive players have.

Phase 2 of the game begins when players really begin to explore the
game in earnest. New go-to tactics develop and begin to be put
into action online and in tournament play. The game of Madden

If you are a serious Madden player and don't want to be left
behind, then you have to spend some serious time in the Lab
practicing the game and looking for new schemes.

If you are like most people, then you don't have 20 hours a week to
devote to finding new stuff and learning to counter glitches and
money schemes that have hit you online.

That's where the Virtual Filmroom steps in. Each week my staff
prepares a minimum of 5 Strategy breakdowns to keep you on the
cutting edge of the competitive Madden world.

These breakdowns plus videos will help you continue to grow as a
player and keep you up to date on the latest techniques that are
being used at the highest levels of competitive play.

We've given the Filmroom a completely new look this year and have
added a ton of new features to really take it to the next level.

With our new Virtual Filmroom 2.0, you'll be able to interact with
our staff like never before. You'll be able to post
questions/comments on each article, and you'll get answers straight
from the writers themselves.

You'll have access to powerful tools like our Playfinder, and be
able to take advantage of new features like our Weekly Group Lab

To find out more about how you can get your hands on the Virtual
Filmroom 2.0 and skyrocket your gaming abilities, visit:

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