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Madden 13 Defense

Madden NFL 13 will have an added focus on defense according to Game Informer. Defense is due an upgrade as the last major changes were added on Madden 05 (hitstick) and Madden 04. While these game changes may be key to be able to play better defense, there is no better way of ensuring you playing quality defense than to sign-up to our newsletter. We keep you well informed of the most popular Madden offenses. We give out free ebook strategy guides so that you can boost your level of gameplay and we give you the tools to start dominating your online games and leagues. So before you head over to GI and read the rest of the article from EA Sports Richard Hilleman, take 5 seconds to sign-up to our newsletter...

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Madden 13 Tips Are Coming

As soon as we possibly can, we will start posting our Madden 13 tips and strategy guides. Typically we begin working on these things in July and then have a ton of stuff ready to go on launch day. We still do not have a Madden 13 release date but we expect it to be in late August again (maybe August 28th). You can expect our team of madden strategy and madden tips guys to be putting in some serious overtime in the weeks leading up to the release. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter (top of right column). This will keep you informed of all the latest and greatest Madden 12 and Madden 13 tips, tricks, glitch counters, schemes, and tactics. Also from time to time we send out free ebook strategy guides for instant help to your offense and/or defense. It doesn't cost you anything either, sign up now!

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Madden Strategy

How does one become much better in Madden? How do you become much better in anything? To be able to expect success in anything you perform there needs to be a plan. There is no way a person can genuinely be ready to achieve success without a strategy of attack. However in many Maddgen communities most of the "so called" top players think they will just pick up the sticks and become effective.

Madden has little by little started to lean the scale to ensure that user control skills can't downright defeat football smarts. This transformation hasn't been accepted very well through the current tournament community, who loves to say, "EA is dumbing the game down". Whereas, a legitimate statement is EA is actually balancing the scale to ensure a person with a good football IQ doesn't get punished for playing a great game with a player that has a small number of plays and makes suspect football choices.

If you can check this out difference in gameplay, it's wise to begin with to warm up to Madden football strategies overall. We have to look at planning for the video game of Madden much like other areas in life. I'm certain a lot of you go to classes or even work on an every day basis. A part of being successful in the workforce would be to keep your skills sharp with instruction classes, training seminars, webinars as well as other things is available for you. And in the event that you're one of our unemployed brethren, all of us understand you're hard at work making yourself appealing to employees to ensure when your moment comes, your ready.

Although Madden isn't as vital as our daily personal lives, you'll still should have a technique for success in anything you do. As a way to fun we want to make sure once we turn our console on we're ready to contend with anything.

You will find small things you're able to do to start towards an objective with success and overall enjoyment in Madden. The Madden technique for the initial 5 days the game comes out is always to find some sort of feel for the game. This doesn't mean place the disc in and immediately hop online. Many folks do this and rack up losses when trying to learn the game. I've observed first hand just how a Madden Challenge National Champion prepares to perform their very first game of Madden.

Eugene "Big Gene" Williams, the 2005 Madden Challenge National Champion, starts simply by taking the game apart play by play. He will basically run each and every play in the game to find out how it works. I've called the man in the early morning when he starts and returned in from a long day from the office and the man is still testing plays. This requires an tremendous amount of attention and dedication to work through his process and not give in and head online.

As soon as he has made all his physical and mental tips concerning the video game then he jumps online‚ no no no just kidding. Then he takes his record of plays and finds out what playbooks have the the majority of tested plays before labbing together with his crew. It's not easy being the very best, and many individuals don't realize the amount of work the "real" professional gamers put into game preparation. The advantage which you, the Madden enthusiast has, is we put the hours and hours in to developing a great Madden Strategy for you so that an individual can take it and apply it to your video game and improve your Madden experience.

How to Play Madden

Madden football has transformed how individuals view football games. Along with the introduction of On-line access and the addition of Franchise mode, several fans have asked us exactly how we enjoy playing Madden. With all the unique integrated game modes, there is a game mode for every football fan in Madden 12. Let's examine all the ways that Madden fans can discover the mode that fits them best.

Probably the most frequently played mode in Madden will be playing against the Computer. Here is the easiest way to experience a fast game and also have fun playing using your favorite players. EA Sports has worked very hard to make Madden 12 the most realistic football simulator possible. The improvements in Madden's Artificial Intelligence have added the genuine element of football that we are generally looking for. Players now behave and shift just like they do in person. Altering the difficulty settings in the game controls allows you to achieve a difficult game every time for hit the field. This is a great mode for beginners to get use to the controls and learn how to call offenses and defenses.

Franchise mode offers gamers the chance to not only play with their favored players on the field, but additionally make every business decision for the team off the field. Now you get to pick which rookies you're going to draft, and if you're going to go after that free agent that may take your team all the way to the Super bowl. Franchise mode is an excellent mode for those gamers that are looking more out of a football title than just playing football. A gamer can discover hours of fun and hard work after every game they play on the field should they want to, or they could have the CPU complete all of the work for them. Avid gamers can turn their franchise to a dynasty by actively playing over many seasons. Madden NFL 12 produces big overhauls into the franchise system.

Since video games were taken on-line, gamers have been online to discover who's the very best at Madden football. Many of us went from communities which use to assemble on the weekends at someone's home, to a community which was always connected and could play whenever. Online play is targeted generally for serious gamers only. These are the players which can be the best in Madden and they are practicing for future events or leagues. For the typical gamer online video games are a fun way to enhance your skills and be an improved gamer. The speed of online games is a lot faster, and also the competitors are higher then playing up against the CPU. You may get to determine how the game is played at most tournament and get a feeling of if you are prepared or not for Madden tournaments.

There are numerous ways to play Madden 12 football. With all the various modes offered, there absolutely is a mode for every player. Try every mode and discover the one which you prefer playing the most. The greatest guidance we are able to give would be to play as many games that you can, and always appreciate playing. There's a mode available for everybody, now go find yours!!

Learn How to Play Madden Football

Madden Strategies

How would you evaluate Madden? When you sit down in front of the game the first time, are you searching at it to find the latest gimmicks or have you been testing real football offensive and defensive schemes?

Through the years we have consistently provided Madden football strategies instead of going after the hottest glitch or trick. This has helped us continue being the first choice in this industry. While other people concentrate on gimmicks we choose to focus on tactics to make your video gaming experience much better and build a strong cornerstone you can use year in and year out.

The advantage of focusing on strategies as opposed to gimmicks is the fact that we can still demonstrate the gimmicks and also the way to handle and contain them. Being prepared means leaving nothing unturned. We can't provide awesome Madden tactics and stay away from handling gimmicks. We simply don't make gimmicks the primary element we search when sitting down to breakdown Madden 12.

What's the difference between a Madden Strategy and a Madden Cheat or Glitch?

There has to be separation of the two within the Madden community. Every madden trick, madden strategy or madden cheat continues to be viewed in a damaging manner from the sim community and in some cases EA Sports sometimes. The issue with that is that they are not the same at all.

Let's start looking at what's viewed as a Madden cheat. A cheat or gimmick is something that is used to take advantage of the game. This can be something as small as replacing in personnel out of position to generate an unfair mismatch. Or it could be as flagrant as quick audibling and formation flipping to create a broken run or pass play. These little gimmicks, released online as tips or techniques and strategies have blurred the line of what is actually a strategy and what is a cheat. These are cheats and will need to be called what they're.

Conversely a Madden technique is plan made to get you to a desired place, similar to the concept of strategy. Nowhere is there any reference to shortcuts or cheats. You can't employ a strategy and fast-forward to the final result. Each of our Madden strategies utilize real football techniques or schemes so that you can build your knowledge of football so that you can be successful no matter what version of Madden you pick up.

One example is, the passing game has taken over real NFL football along with Madden football. One of the easiest route combos that beats both zone and man coverage is 2 vertical routes with a in or out route being run directly beside it. This is something which is utilized in all of the levels of football that also translates to Madden.

We would list this as a Madden technique mainly because it uses authentic football tactics in order to acquire a desired result. Run the coverage away in order to get spacing for the In or Out route. If you were to look up Madden strategy and discover both examples listed, which would you consider a Madden Strategy or a Madden Cheat? If you're able to differentiate then you can observe how we're unique in what we do and have always put your development as a Madden player in the forefront.

Madden Playbooks

Exactly what is the most wanted part of the Madden offseason? What free agents made it to your team? No. How about, what's the major new feature? That's not it either. By far the most anticipated component of Madden every year will be the playbooks.

That's correct, Playbooks. The Madden community understands that it doesn't matter how excellent the whole thing looks, what additional features are integrated or even who appears on what team. Everybody must first select a playbook in order to begin his or her process to Madden success.

Over the years EA Sports has done a great job of creating Madden playbooks more in depth. We have been granted the opportunity to create our very own playbooks using custom formations in addition to given NFL network training through a previous feature named NFL Training Camp.

The NFL Training Camp feature was an attempt by EA Sports to bridge the skills gap of the recreational football fan who plays Madden to understanding some of the technical aspects of each play call. This triggered the element of Game Flow. Even though EA says Game Flow can be an solution to speeding the overall game feel up, it subconsciously educates users tips on how to call a game plan and generate efficient use of their Madden Playbook.

With all of these resources included in the video game of Madden through many years, this implies that as EA enhanced the playbooks, additionally they made an attempt in making sure customers could execute the plays inside the playbook.

For Madden 12 EA Sports will be bringing back again the custom playbook feature and understanding that the expectation of seeing what's in every team playbook reaches an all time high. All styles of players will be able to benefit from this feature, because it could make the game of Madden a lot more unique to each and every individual. Still knowing that there'll be money plays in the game, there is still a great chance that a number of users will not come upon the same exact offense as their own.

Madden playbooks are driven by uniqueness. We realize that we have trends in each and every version of Madden. With Madden 08 it again appeared like the entire country had been utilizing the Atlanta playbook or Patriots playbook. Even when a couple playbooks are getting intensely used you can still find playbooks that allow a user to separate themselves from the crowd.

From everything we have observed thus far using the user control in the many E3 Madden 12 video clips, we can tell that this version of Madden could make the user skilled player and unique madden playbook user a major threat. Imagine keeping the Singleback 3TE formation in Madden 08 within the same playbook together with the Singleback Tight of Madden 11. When you start to consider all of the different playbook combos that Madden 12 will offer us this is shaping up to become an epic year.

Rather than referring to exactly what our popular Madden playbook formations from earlier version are, all of us would like to get your feedback. We've consistently had well balanced playbooks whether it was Kobra's Pass Balanced, PhillyRon's Rams Playbook or Big B's Compression. We really like developing a many types of offensive styles at our disposal.

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Madden 12 Glitches

Since the beginning in the Madden series the expression "Glitch" has turned into a buzzword in the on line scene. Any glitch in Madden can be explained as an action that cannot be countered or even managed by using standard controls. There is a big difference from a person that uses glitches to attain a purpose throughout Madden more than a gamer which has superb stick control that you simply can't seem to prevent. Since Madden glitches have been an interest for argument as far back as all of us can certainly recall, let's take a look at a few of the top rated glitches through many years past.

Kickoff/Touchdown - This was a real glitch used in the inaugural Madden 2000 game on PS2. I had been personally the victim of this stunt where a someone could possibly kick away the football into the corner of the end zone, and when the football bounced before the goal line then out of the side the kicking team would undoubtedly receive a touchdown. There had been absolutely nothing the return team could do in order to stop this glitch from occurring.

Under Smoke/Fireman/Whip Man Nano - The birth with the online community introduced with it the advancement of the blitz. A well-known player by the name "Lou Tillery" had been the most dominating gamer online as well as inside the underground tournament community because of his lighting quick defense. Previously during 2002 the nano ensured you could end up getting sacked using running and passing plays. All of the pressure in the game had been so tough that the Under Smoke could very well be used to block punts. A lot of quarterbacks never truly had the possibility to be able to give the football to the running back before they ended up being sacked.

Motion Glitch - Most of you may have heard about a Madden Challenge and also Madden Nation Emcee Topp Taylor however most of us know him personally as Curly Topp. Topp had been among the first people we've saw operate a motion glitch. He would come out in I Form Big, send his receiver with a streak or drag, hike the ball behind the right guard and demolish your defense. The hike in back of the right guard while in motion would undoubtedly force the man-to-man corners to blitz and then leave the receiver uncovered in the open field. There was absolutely no way to have your defenders to stay in protection instead of blitzing.

Studda Step - It was the greatest player control feature beside Strafe Catching. Madden Challenge Finalist Antoine "Pretty Boy" Williams developed the studda step glitch famous while using the Vikings. He utilized the Vikings and this specific running style to dominate dive happy defenders. Just about all you needed to be able to do was begin running toward either side, engage the juke button one time to the side that you were running and watch it push the chasing defenders to turn inside and enable you run by. Gamers were racking up 700 yard rushing games effortlessly with the studda step glitch.

Pulling Routes - Most people preferred this and also viewed as the idea a great way to make their offense a lot more unique, however it had been a flat out glitch. It was a dominating element within Madden 05 and 06 since gamers made use of this along with formation shifting.

The particular list goes on and on pertaining to glitches in the past years of Madden. The greatest advantage to Next Gen video games consoles is the ability to released patches to assist resolve glitches just before they take control the game. Designers work hard to take care of ever situation area before the game is released, but a some always get through. Now things can easily be completed about it.

Madden Hints

It's become commonplace for Madden enthusiasts worldwide to go in, pick-up Madden plus pick up the official Madden Strategy guide book. But imagine if we rewound the clock to a time when there were simply no strategy guides? Exactly how would anyone make it?

Well, not to long ago that's just what players were challenged with. From the beginnings of Madden the sole strategy guide was an insert which had each of the roster details and also ratings for each team. We can easily try to remember back to a period when the particular roster/rating insert appeared to be thicker than the game instructions and almost as valuable as the actual game. You would see fans making use of their sheet laminated to shield it from getting damaged and also soaked. Most of the data that we could get our hands on seemed to be on that ratings insert.

Due to the fact there was no real guides accessible to assist fans learn how to play as well as enhance their abilities within Madden experienced fanatics navigated the internet to find message boards where they're able to talk about and express thoughts on gameplay tactics. We'd access the Internet in a style similar to we do today with Google. The trick would have been to type in the URL field's Codez or Cheatz. In the past that had been how we would likely locate links to different discussion posts concerning video games. And then you would hope there would be a suggestion, hint or cheat regarding Madden, often times there weren't.

Then advancement hit the Madden network. For a long time Prima had been writing strategy guides for other game titles but not Madden. Once they released their very first guide (we think 2000) they paid attention to the outcry through the community forums demanding the ratings charts to return. Their particular guidebook would be a basic review of the game of Madden, while using the back of the guide focused on a list of all of the players in the game by position. This was an instant accomplishment and paved how for exactly where we're these days with just how madden information are provided.

In 2001 VG Sports was developed and launched what might be an eye opening strategy guide book that both recreational gamers as well as tournament gamers took notice of. The guidebook provided insight on advanced things within the game of Madden. One particular tip we supplied in those days would have been a way to throw a post route that could always get wide open because the referee would get in the way of the DB. The idea wasn't considered cheese, it was the first time which there were actual down and dirty Madden tips being supplied.

VG Sports started out providing content from three different points of views Kobra, Lou Tillery along with GametimePhilly vets Justin Cohen in addition to PhillyRon. Lou provided his infamous nano set-ups, Kobra presented his in depth player information as well as x's and o's insight while PhillyRon and Justin Cohen produced written content from exactly what had been becoming the toughest Madden crew in the country. By the end of their first season the foundation for VG were being established with content to come from Kobra along with PhillyRon for Madden as well as an additional article writer MadBomber designed for NCAA football.

For several years we have discovered possible talent and brought these individuals in to provide excellent content for our loyal fans. The beginning of a hybrid offense was born in VG Sports. Big B's Compression offense would be a combination of the West Coast offense with a Bunch or Tight formation look which is still utilized in Madden circles everywhere.

As all of us enter the new social media and motion controller phase of the game keep your helmets ready and your chinstrap tightened when we look to set the standard for Madden 12 hints once again.

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Madden Forums

Where did the idea all get started? Back in the day, as seasoned Madden veterans love to mention, there weren't lots of individual groups as we all see in the current make up with Madden. To be honest with you, in the early stages, they weren't actually referred to as message boards; they were referred to as discussion boards. People would probably check online to look for almost any strategy they're able to on the best way to be improved in Madden, or even locate some other players who were located throughout their area in order to compete with.

Madden 12 Forums

As the conclusion of discussion boards emerged the beginning of forums emerged there was clearly one madden message forum board that many professional madden player had to be part of. The MWS (Madden World Syndicate) seemed to be the only location online making it possible to find the best of the best Madden players. This specific community is what produced the Madden Challenge as they began the initial structured tournament circuit using the Madden video game series.

There had been additionally three more Madden Online forums which started about this time. Madden Mania, Madden Nation along with VG Sports. The largest forums during that period seemed to be Madden Mania also referred to as MM with the online lobby rooms that they had each day in Madden. You could possibly almost go as far as labelling them the parents of our on-line leagues for the console game titles. It was actually a privilege to get accepted into their community as well as able to play within their lobby room. They directed everyone to play one with the staff members before anyone was awarded the password in which gave you permission to access their private lobby.

Those were the days. If we look back at the tradition of the Madden forums we notice that each one of them have fallen by the wayside except VG Sports/Maddentips. Which brings everyone to a real question of‚ Why would you check out forums?

When discussing about the entire traditions surrounding the many Madden forums, one thing is missed on this discussion the brotherhood. So there once was distinguished members for each and every forum. And the surroundings found on each and every forum seemed to be unique, offering people an experience exclusive to that internet site name.

At the moment you can find numerous Madden forums on the web although the many them publish the identical discussions along with members. Nothing is wrong with this, as it broadens the community but it seems like we've lost the fraternity component of years prior.

Most of us can't paint a large picture as if there weren't specific online communities for each and every madden forum available. Our own primary group of exclusive ballers as well as posters are the Wolf Pack. You'll be able to distinguish them simply when in the forums by simply seeing their avatar. These are diehard VG/Maddentips followers and have a useful and encouraging tone inside their discussions.

Since the dynamic of almost all online forums get used to the Facebook era we're also excited to say that we all have a reliable and respectable group of members in our forums. Our goal to have‚ an understanding football‚primary resonates through our own Madden forums and also demonstrates that not only are all of us believers associated with this, but each of our members are also.

When you're trying to find a home where you could talk football and madden without being heckled or perhaps degraded be sure you become a member of our Madden Forums. All we require is a real love for the game. See you soon.

Madden Guides

Game enthusiasts from a very competitive game such as Madden 12 are usually looking to boost their expertise. Most people constantly aim for fun trying to play, however most people don't like to forfeit to anyone. For years a truly serious player's only way of enhancing their own skills would be to invest working hours before Television trying to play Madden. Soon after thousands of snaps around the practice field, players would undoubtedly play friends or get online and play a game and find out they still had a lot of points to develop. Most subsequently questioned his or her selves What should I do now? Plunging into online forums and looking for the right answers could take weeks to locate all you were looking for, and so the majority ran to their popular game shops to buy a printed Madden guidebook. For years the primary way to obtain Madden expertise was basically found in printed guides, but conditions have actually changed in several ways.

I am able to also remember sitting and even illustrating out my best Madden plays on a piece of paper, and attempting to make-up schemes while in the middle of school seminars. When Prima begun producing their Madden Study guides, it improved how We went about practicing Madden. I then learned about latest features and very hot plays before I actually went on the training field. We figured that getting ready for games would never get more effective then this, but I was mistaken. VG Sports came into the Madden world in mid 2001 and transformed the Madden community upside down by digesting offensive plays in addition to blitzes for every team. There was not a need to drive a car down to the video game shop, I was able to now download VG Sports e-books onto my desktop. It was the beginning of the Madden on-line strategy guide world, and this would never be the same!

When the very first Madden guide with tips and hints hit the world, it was loaded with web page after webpage of content regarding every team along with the everyone in the game. It's hard to remember a period were most of the people didn't have mobile computing devices, as well as mobile devices solely made phone calls. When the first Virtual Playbook arrived, dial up internet had been the norm for many people.

As the years went on, VG Sports proceeded to evolve the way that customers studied the game of Madden on-line. They begin to introduced screenshots of each play they had been breaking down; this was a amazing step in displaying how a play appeared on screen. VG Sports didn't prefer to quit there, they were the first and still one of the only e-books that included nfl team playbooks. Now everybody could print every play for every single team within Madden, the many years of sketching plays on a sheet of paper was over.

As technology continued to advance, VG Sports wanted to press the envelope by trying new things. We had observed the progression from all text e-books to e-books packed with amazing pictures so there was clearly just one move still to take‚ Video playbooks. With the development of Video Playbooks, VG Sports could seize gamers in a brand new way. Now gamers could see exactly what went in setting a play up and running them, without missing a single step. Customers could rewind and view any play again and again and then learn how everything reacted to exactly what the writers were talking about.

This season VG Sports is once again going to take yet another advancement in how that players study the game of Madden. Never planning to compromise VG Sports will have brand new products never before seen. As the excitement keeps increasing on the excitement with Madden 12, VG Sports is ready to help you to the next level in gaming.