Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Rams Video Playbook is out!

Many times the game of Madden comes down to the your ability to
handle the sticks and force the game into giving you certain
animations. The Jet Pack, Rocket Catch, Strafe Catch, etc. have
defined Madden the last couple of years.

This is fine if you are really good at pulling off these
techniques. But what if you go up against somebody that has better
stick than you? The defense has an advantage as it can still strafe
while that ability has been removed from the offense.

If your whole game is about the Rocket Catch, you could be in for a
world of hurt against a highly skilled opponent. In addition, there
are a group of players out there who just have never mastered the
Rocket Catch, or just don't want to run that type of offense.

If you fall into any of these categories, then PhillyRon has come
to your rescue. We just put the finishing touches on our latest
product...The Ram's Video Playbook.

With close to 4 hours of video breakdowns, PhillyRon helps you
develop an offense that is based on getting your receivers open
enough to hit without manually catching. If you have great stick
you'll be just that more deadly. If you don't, then you can still
move the ball and crush defenses.

For more info about the guide (and a FREE video breakdown), visit



P.S. If you like to run under Center, then this guide is a must for
you. Ron has tested these plays against the nastiest blitzes that
his crew could throw at him and they came through with flying colors.

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