Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Big B's Guide to the Compression Offense - 401

Compression 401Unless you've been hiding under a rock this year, you've probably caught the Madden Nation show and the Madden Challenge on TV. Da Problem took down the championship in both events to solidify himself as the undisputed player of the year. Other Madden Regionals went to players like Marc Dogg, Brusk and Kornstar.

What do all of these incredible players have in common?

They are all part of the EMB (Elite Madden Ballers), the hottest Madden crew in the country.

What else do they have in common?

They have all flourished under the leadership of EMB Commissioners Big B & Mr. Squeeze. Their crew has originated many of the techniques used by every top player this year.

In the Compression Guide 401, Big B continues to build on what has become the #1 scheme in all of Madden. He is going to put all these strategies on the table. Once again he's gonna crack open the door to his Lab and let you in.

Here's a couple tidbits of what you'll find inside:

   1.  Create Match Up Hell For Your Opponents With Hybrid Sets - Many guys have learned how to defend compression. Many can defend spread. But these hybrid sets are impossible to guard. Big B gives you the 411 on how you can total embarrass your opponents and pass at will.

   2. Get the EMB's Special Take on the Atlanta Playbook - Atlanta's Playbook is the most used playbook in the game today. At the Madden Challenge, almost every other TV had the Falcons book listed. But the EMB doesn't just do it like everybody else. You'll learn their own special flavor of bringing the pain with the ATL playbook.

   3. Discover a Killer I Form Scheme - What do you do when teams continually send Quarters 3 Man Pass Rush at your shotty sets? Simple, employ this audible down scheme and pound them into the dirt. Big B, T Money & Mr. Squeeze deliver the goods.

   4. Learn How to Bring It Old School From the RNG - T Money hit the lab and found one set that allowed the crew to run on a more consistent basis. This set also allowed them to mesh passing plays. Then later Squeeze, Problem, and outsider Chow found others plays that expanded this scheme. This section lists a series of plays and why they were used in order to move the ball on NG. This is a combo of Chow, Problem, Squeeze, T Money, and Big B's best stuff!

Plus you'll get 73 pages of KornStar's (Indy Regional Champ & Final 8 at Madden Championship) offense broken down in detail.

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