Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Special Message from VG Sports

We have come a long way since I started things off in 2001. We
have grown from a one man shop to a team of dedicated Madden
players who each bring their own unique style of play to the site.
There were 8 of us involved in keeping this ship going the right
direction as we began our 7th season of covering Madden football.

I have been talking with the staff lately about our vision for VG
Sports this year and beyond. We are challenging each other to make
a dramatic improvement in our offerings this year as VG Sports
evolves as a company.

Of course success brings all of the copycats out of the woodwork,
but competition is a good thing. You will see some things coming
out the next couple of months that have never been done before by
any site...period.

As part of our overall goal to continue to push the envelope of
Madden strategy, I am going to make a strong committment to you to
provide more FREE content in the form of our Madden Newsletters.

Each month (or possibly every 2 weeks), I will give you new
strategies you can use to improve your game as well as keep your
informed about what is going on in the Madden Community.

Thanks for being along for the journey and buckle up for a wild
ride the rest of this Madden 08 season.

Best Regards,

Bert Ingley
VG Sports, Inc.

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