Friday, August 10, 2007

Madden 08 Alternate Uniforms

In addition to each Team's current Home & Away jersey, EA Sports has included multiple alternate uniforms in this year's game. With the exception of the Colts, everybody has at least one alternate jersey.

The Titans lead the way with 6 additional choices....And you gotta love those horrible orange Bucs jerseys. The really sad thing is that VG_Bert's first bike was a Bucs bike and had a big old orange banana seat on it. These uniforms still give him nightmares!

Click here for a list of the alternate unis


Eric said...

The regular XBOX version leaves a lot to be desired in the alternate uniforms category. Unfortunately, the titans uniforms you list do not appear in the regular XBOX verson of the game. As a Titans fan, I was hoping to get the dark blues, the light blues, the white on light blue, but instead of 3 variations of the oilers throwbacks. VERY DISAPPOINTED. and the sparseness of the free agents is another disappointment. I should have just kept my madden 2007. I have all the draft classes imported from ncaa 07, and the rosters are more current than they are in the madden '08. I wish that they had put the same consideration into the regular XBOX version that they did for the other platforms.

Anonymous said...

Dude have been a Bucs fan since I can remember... Had the same bike... Small world..

walrusgh said...

Do you think EA will offer downloads for more alternate uniforms? And if so how long do you think it will be before they do? I'm a Bengals fan and they didn't even include our alternate orange jersey, that the Bengals where twice a season. PLEASE E-MAIL ME

alper said...

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