Friday, June 08, 2007

Gang Tackling Video For Madden NFL 08

EA Madden Procucer Ian Cummings is at again on his blog site by giving us hard core ballers what we are looking for. This week he shows how gang tackling works on next gen systems.

He also asked this question:

"If you were hired as the lead gameplay designer for EA Sports starting tomorrow, and had to make the call, would you"...

A.) Have gang tackles trigger less often, but guarantee that they look "captured" and realistic, including getup animations

B.) Rely solely on physics based animations, which ensures much more playback and animation coverage, but more physics/ragdoll-ish looking animations

C.) Do a mix of both (which is what we do now) Choose your own adventure!

He wants your feedback

Here is the direct link to blog and video:

Click Here

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