Friday, October 27, 2006

Interview with SSN - Madden League Provider

Recently VG had the opportunity to sit down with Larry Dickerson of to find out a little bit more about what they do to support leagues in the Madden Community. I've included the interview below.

1. What is

SSN is an online community for Madden players featuring a league management tool and search tools displaying updated roster and playbook information.

2. What makes SSN’s league manager different from other league managers out there?

The primary difference is SSN’s ability to offer automatic game statistics and roster downloads.

3. So you do not have to input any stats manually?

No. We take your game result files from your Madden franchise and automatically import them into our site. No manual stat input.

4. What systems are the auto stats available for?

PS2, Xbox and the PC. Auto stats for the Xbox 360 are coming soon.

5. What are some other unique features you get with SSN?

Customize your league home page. We give you the template and you can lay your page out any way you like. Display league schedule, standings, league leaders and so much more.

Real time online transactions. Make trades, drop players or add free agents. All in real time directly thru the site. Shop for trades by putting players on the block and display them to the entire league.

Free agent bidding is cool too. When you want to sign a free agent you must negotiate terms with his agent. If they find the offer satisfactory there will be a 24 hour time period where other owners can try to out bid you. Other team owners can not see your offer but they can see your cap space and must make an educated guess as to what will get the deal done. If you are the top bid that free agent automatically signs with your team and appears on your roster.

6. Where can you go to see a sample of one of the leagues hosted on your site?

7. One of the major strengths SSN has is your stat tools. Are there any other useful stat tools you offer?

Yes. Madden players can point their emails from the game server to us and we display all there online games played. You get box scores from all games and your overall user stats accumulate. This is great information if you like to chart your progress online or if you want to scout other online players.

To view instructions on this process go to:

8. Tell us about your community. Do you offer a standard forum?

We are not a forum. Our community is called “My Game-Space”. This is a spin off of the popular My Space but it is targeted to gamers. You can customize your personal Game Space page by adding in a background and choosing from our many modules to import to your page. You can utilize our message center and chat feature to communicate with other members. You can add a juke box and video clips. You are also able to bring in modules from your leagues hosted by SSN. Import league schedules, standings and just about anything else you find useful.

My game space is where you will find your online game results posted. There is a scrolling ticker with your last few games. If you click recap you can see the box score of that game. There are many other links to see all of your game scores and overall statistics.

For a sample go to:

9. Is there any thing else you would like to tell us about SSN’s offering?

Yes. We have the ability to provide Throw back games for the PS2 for online game play. We have teams dating back to the 1957 49ers. These teams have real names and real numbers. SSN is the only place you can play with the great teams online. We would be happy to provide VG Sports with some games to hand out to its members for free.

10. In conclusion what would you like to tell the Madden community about SSN?

SSN is a fantastic tool for Madden. There is nothing else out like what we offer. SSN provides bar none the best roster presentation on the web. We offer the updated rosters the day they are released.

We ask the community to come to and see for yourself. Simsportsnet is the only tool with auto stats, the only place with great teams for online play and the only community that gives you your own personal space (My Game-Space) to be creative and communicate with other players around the world.

For more information please contact us at:


Larry & Keith
SSN Principals

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