Sunday, March 12, 2006

Madden Filmroom Updates

March 13, 2006

46 Bear Gap Pressure - This week in the filmroom we take a look at two 46 Bear defenses that bring the heat on the QB with the FS. The first of the two 46 Bears defenses is the Gap Pressure. This Cover 0 man defense is designed to get heat on the QB from the right side of the offensive line with both the ROLB and LOLB blitzing. Instead of having the ROLB and LOLB blitz with their default pass rush assignments, we playmaker them to blitz straight down. We also add another blitzer to the mix by bringing the FS down in the box to add even more pressure on the QB. Here is how we set up the 46 Bear Gap Pressure.

46 Bear Sam Snake - The second 46 Bear defense we want to show this week that brings the heat from the FS is the Sam Snake. This blitz is set up almost the same way as the Gap Pressure, but instead of the LOLB blitzing, he drops back in man coverage. With the LOLB not blitzing, only the ROLB blitzes from the outside. He normally will be picked up by the RT, but the FS blitzing up the gut usually gets in.

I Close FB Flare - This is another sneak peek at plays you will see in the new guide (to be released end of March). I get PM’s everyday asking this question. What plays do you think I should run out of this playbook? The key to every playbook is not the money plays like many people try and look for and stuff down your throat. The reason why is that every top player that has any respect for his game will lab counters for them. Basic plays can set the table for the money. The series of plays I showed do this. Now let’s look at the FB Flare.

Split-Back Twins Flats - What I have been doing over the past few write-ups is going over some plays to give you an idea on how effective the Seattle and Detroit playbook can be. In this filmroom I’m going over very basic plays that can generate big yards and have simple reads. This play is on the same line of what I’m talking about. The Split-Back is a WCO formation that has lost favor over the years. In the Detroit playbook you will find some decent plays. You’re able to pound and pass well out of it. We will set-up the pass to set the table for the pound.

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